SUMMARY: Hard sector count less than nsect...

From: Joel Thompson (
Date: Tue May 28 1991 - 13:30:32 CDT

Most people suggested that either the switch
settings on the drive were incorrect, or the
format.dat entry was incorrect.

The actual problem was that on our machine (a
Sparc 370) had the cables to the disk drive
swapped during a recent move. It's kind of a
weird setup, the cable has one connector on the
system unit side (attached to the "data" port),
and two connectors on the mass storage side
(attached to the "Drive A" and "Drive B" ports --
even though there is only 1 disk). The "Drive A"
and "Drive B" connections are the ones that were

As Curt Freeland pointed out, the error message
"Hard sector count less than nsect.." indicates
that the number of sectors that the drive senses
from the disk is less than the number of sectors
defined in format.dat. Curt says nsect should be
the number of real sectors - 1 to allow for slip
sectoring. If your drive hardware is set for 83
sectors (for
instance), set nsect to 82 in format.dat.

Thanks to the following respondants:

        uunet!!don (Don Baune 581-6088
        uunet!!curt (Curt Freeland)
        uunet!!daryl (Daryl Crandall)
        uunet!fmrco!andromeda!curt (Curt Fennell)
        Mike Raffety
        uunet!ASC.SLB.COM!holle (Kathy Holle)

Joel Thompson

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