SUMMARY: How to use nslookup to get host name from IP addr

From: J. Porter Clark (
Date: Tue May 28 1991 - 15:16:10 CDT

A couple of hours ago I posted this question:

>Is there any way to use nslookup to map from an IP address to a host
>Yes, I know about DiG. I also wrote a short program of my own to call
>gethostbyaddr() using the resolver libraries. The guy who wants to
>know the answer to this question has a DEC machine running VMS but
>which happens to have nslookup.

...and sun-nets did not fail me. As of this moment, I have four
Don Pace <>
Karl Anderson <>

The answer is as follows. If you want to look up IP address

1. Run nslookup
2. enter "set type=PTR" ("set q=PTR" also works)
3. enter ""

It's so simple and obvious :-)

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