SUMMARY : automounter covers with its link the local /home/hostname

From: Oran Davis (
Date: Fri May 24 1991 - 17:59:04 CDT

I received many many correct and some incorrect answers and thank you all.

Two scenarios exist and here are solutions for both:

1) You are using direct maps with automount:
the you probably have the following files:

# device mountpoint options
/dev/sd0h /home/nodename1 4.2 rw 1 3

#Mount-point Map Mount-options
/- /etc/ -rw,intr
/home/nodename1 -rw,hard,intr nodename1:/home/nodename1
/home/nodename2 -rw,hard,intr nodename2:/home/nodename2

if [ -f /usr/etc/automount ]; then
        automount -f /etc/auto.master /home/`hostname` -null & echo "automount"

---------------------- end of first case for direct maps only ----------------

Unfortunatly the "-null" special map does not work for indirect maps.
The solution for indirect maps is the following:
Move your /home/`hostname` on all nodes to somewhere else like /home/local,
(make sure you have no node called local in your net). Then mount everything
using one indirect map. The & will map to the * in the indirect map and you'll
get all the <nodenames>:/home/local mounted in /home/<nodename> every where.

2) Indirect maps:

# device (same mountpoint (on all servers) options
/dev/sd0h /home/local 4.2 rw 1 3

#Mount-point Map Mount-options
/home /etc/auto.indirect -rw,intr

* &:/home/local

----------------------- end of second case for indirect maps only ------------
WARNING: To test the second variation, as I would like to finally have it, I would
have had to change fstab mount points of all my /dev/sd0h disks, so I didn't.

 Thanks to: (Ole Holm Nielsen)
Richard Elling <> (Andy Feldt)
tessi!joey@nosun.West.Sun.COM (Joe Pruett) (Bill Selig - SysAdmin)
Mike Raffety <oconnor!> (Jon A. Tankersley)
alastair@Cadence.COM (Alastair Young)
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