SUMMARY (And Another Problem): Shared Libraries with Resolver

From: Tim Evans (oss670!
Date: Wed May 22 1991 - 11:54:15 CDT

Early this week (too early on Monday, as it turns out), I posted the
following question to sun-managers:

>I just obtained from uunet and am attempting to
>get it working on a Sun3 with SunOS 4.0.1. The notes with the library
>indicate that the file should be copied to /usr/lib under a filename
>which has a version number later than the current one.
>In /usr/lib, I have (current version) libc_so.0.10 and following
>these instructions copied the new file to libc_so.0.10.1, then
>ran /usr/etc/ldconfig (the instructions say "/usr/lib/ldconfig").
>According to the instructions, ftp, telnet, etc., "automagically"
>pick up the new library. Well, obviously, I did something
>incorrectly, as nothing works, with "unknown host" error messages
>coming from ftp and telnet.

A large number of you responded, mostly asking if I had set up
/etc/resolv.conf. (I had.) (John Wack)
sent me a lengthy document from Sun's Greg Earle, which contains
a good deal of helpful information; I'll be glad to send it to
anyone who wants it.

Thanks to all who responded. Apparently, my problem was that it
was Monday. :-) Tuesday everything worked just fine. I have
no idea what the difference was.

Now, however, another problem has surfaced. I have a diskless
Sun3/50 which boots from the diskfull 3/60 server where the shared
libary was installed and which also NFS mounts everything (including
/usr/lib and the shared library) from the server; both machines run
SunOS 4.0.1. Even after running ldconfig on the 3/50 client, it can't
be telnetted/rlogged into from anywhere, inlcuding from the server.
The client's console is displaying the following messages:

Cannot register services: RPC: timed out
rpc.statd unable to register (SM_PROG, SM_VERS, udp).

Help, please. Thank you. Please note the address *BELOW*

UUCP 		...!{rutgers|ames|uunet}!mimsy!woodb!tkevans
INTERNET   PHONE:  (301) 965-3286
US MAIL		6401 Security Blvd, 2-Q-2 Operations, Baltimore, MD  21235	

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