Summary: SUNs on an IPX Network?

From: Mark Spears (spears@sol1.ED.ORNL.GOV)
Date: Tue May 21 1991 - 12:41:30 CDT

  On May 14, I posted a request for help in integrating a SUN workstation
into an IPX PC LAN. Of the replies I received, most were requests that I
summarize my findings to SUN-Nets. It seems I am not the only one facing
this problem.

  I got two helpful suggestions. One was to look into Portable Netware for
the SUN. Unforunately, as far as I can tell, Novell's Portable Netware has
not yet been ported to the SUN environment. The second suggestion was a
product introduced by Novell just this quarter. Novell Netware 3.11 can be
installed on the server for the PC LAN and will also accomodate SUNs. I have
confirmed with Novell that this release of Netware will allow me to attach a
SUN workstation to my IPX network and access the TCP/IP backbone on the other
side of the Novell server.

  Included below is the news release sent to me by Alexander Dupuy.
Interested readers may also wish to look at the June '91 issue of UNIXWorld
pages 58 and 69.

                                Thanks to all who responded,


Sun News -- 4/15/91b

Topics Covered:

1) SparcStations and Netware Integratio

SparcStations can now plug and play with Netware, thanks to Novell. With the
newest version of Novell's Netware, Netware 3.11, Sun's Sparcstations can be
transparently integrated into a Netware environment. No additional software or
hardware is required on the SparcStation

Integration of SparcStations into Netware environments is made possible by two
new products from Novell - Netware 3.11 and Netware NFS 1.0. Netware 3.11, as
Netware 386 is now called, replaces earlier versions of Advanced Netware,
System Fault Tolerance Netware, Entry Level Solution I and Entry Level Solution
II. Netware 3.11 includes full support for DOS, OS/2, Microsoft Windows, and
Macintosh and TCP/IP clients. Netware 3.11 has a complete implementation of
TCP/IP built into its core. The built in TCP/IP enables a Netware 3.11 server
to communicate with TCP/IP hosts and clients, and provide standard IP routing
among Ethernet, token-ring and Arcnet LAN segments.)

Netware NFS is one of several Netware Loadable Modules (NLMs) available with
Netware 3.11. Netware NFS is Novell's implementation of Netware File Systems
(NFS). Netware NFS is implemented as a service that runs on the TCP/IP
protocol stack. This enables NFS clients, i.e. SparcStations, to view the
Netware file system and access Netware print queues from their native

For example, a SparcStation attaches to a Netware server through the Unix
#mount" command and sees the Netware file system as an extension of the
distributed Unix file systems. Access to the Netware print queues is through
the Unix #lpr" command. The SparcStation user can transfer files to and from
the Netware server via the file transfer protocol (ftp). Thus, Netware NFS
allows SparcStations to be ``TCP/IP clients" on a Netware LAN while continuing
to provide full distributed networking capabilities to other workstations.

A new version of Novell's Lan WorkPlace for DOS (Version 4.0) provides Netware
users with concurrent access to SparcStation resources via a TCP/IP protocol
stack that has a DOS and Windows implementation of FTP and Telent. Note: We
would use PC-NFS for this requirement.

Pricing for Netware 3.11 is according to the number of supported users.

        Netware 3.11:
          20-user license $3,495
         100-user license $6,995
         250-user license $12,495

(Existing users of Netware 3.0 or 3.1 are eligible for free upgrade until Sept.
30, 1991)

        Netware NFS 1.0 $4,995

        LAN Workplace for DOS 4.0
          Single user license $450
         10-user license $1,995

In summary, Novell has now provided Netware resources and services to platforms
other than DOS. In addition to DOS, Netware 3.11 provides client support for
OS/2, Windows, Unix and Macintosh.

For more information, contact Novell Inc., 122 East 1700 South, Provo, Utah
(801) 429-5900.

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Mark Spears
Oak Ridge National Lab (615) 576-5239
Oak Ridge, TN

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