SUMMARY: No responce to new mail

Date: Thu May 16 1991 - 11:25:00 CDT

It appears that I was making a mountain out of a particularly small mole-hill!

The problem was as most of you said due to my settings in the users' .mailrc.

I had inadvertently put a rougue space in "set interval= 60" (should be
"set interval=60". This caused mailtool not to find acknowledhe reciept
EVER (reasonable I suppose (-: ).

A number of you mentioned biff (very handy - thanks)

Thanks to :
Sandy Napel
Andy Feldt
Kennedy Lemke
Steve Riley
Greg Higgins
Morten Norby Larsen
Colin Macleod
& everyone else

A truly international repsonce to atruly local gaff!

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