SUMMARY: HP LaserJet III and Pacific Page postscript cartridge

From: Brendan Kehoe (
Date: Thu May 16 1991 - 09:59:49 CDT

  My original question was how to get a Pacific Page postscript
  cartridge working with our Suns thru an HP LaserJet III.

  Thanks to everybody that responded:
         xphyhofu@DDATHD21.BITNET (Joachim Holzfuss) (Brian Kelley) (Sheila Hollenbaugh) (Steven Roth)

  Johnathan ( got it..the cartridge was
  expecting parallel input, and I had to have it on the serial end.

 The printcap I ended up with was the one out of the latest Technical
Notes that Sun sent out:


 With the filter lpf.hp being

        #! /bin/sh
        cat | tr '\012' '\015'
        echo -n <Esc>E
        exit 0

 (replace <Esc> with a real escape)

 The consensus on the cartridge was also that it's a real dog -- its
performance is pathetic. When I tried printing out my test doc, (the Usenet topology of the Boston area), I let it sit
blinking for over an HOUR before I gave up. It's only good for
small documents.

 Thanks again!


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