SUMMARY (4.03 binding to 4.1.1)

From: Randy Born (
Date: Tue May 14 1991 - 13:45:30 CDT

SUMMARY: 4.03 ypbinding to 4.1.1 YP MASTER SERVER

# We have to keep a couple of our sun{3,4}'s at 4.03 to be compatible
#with existing third party software/peripherals. Presently our YP master
#is a 4/280 (using 4.03) but we are about to make our new 4/490 (using 4.1.1)
#the YP Master and upgrade the 4/280 to 4.1.1 and become a slave YP server.
#We have a mix of suns using 4.03 and 4.1.1 binding to existing YP master
#and it it constantly outputting WARNINGS " RPC: can't encode arguments"
#to the console ever since sun's using 4.1.1 were included on our network.
#This will go away when we start using a 4.1.1 YP SERVER ( I hope) but we
#are not able to get any sun using 4.03 to ypbind to the 4/490.
# We can not make the 4/490 the YP SERVER until we find out why the suns
#at 4.03 can not bind to it. Our new IPC's and SS2's are able to bind to 4/490
#but they are running 4.1.1.
#Has anybody been able to get a sun using SunOS 4.03 to bind to a YP SERVER
#using SunOS 4.1.1 and what if anything special was required.

All machines require same netmasks to ypbind properly.
        We have a sun3/160 with 2nd ethernet board. This gateway has two
class "B" (132.246.XX.XX) addresses and inorder for the gateway to work
we had to set netmasks to (default would of been

The new suns were brought up with the default netmasks which allowed them to
bind to a machine with class "C" netmask( However machines with
class "C" netmasks will not bind to machines with class "B" netmasks.

        Solution sure is simple once you are on track but sometimes it is hard
to remember the simple stuff when you are up to your NAVEL in alligators.

Thanks to:
Jay Williamson, (you gave me hope that it will work!!!)

--Gene [],
                 ( gave me hope and direction, problem was netmasks)

                                                        Randy Born

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