Summary: Second ethernet have the same ethernet addr !!!

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Date: Tue May 14 1991 - 10:47:39 CDT

Thank's a lot for all who respond, and especially to (Thomas Vellani) for the ie* question

Ethernet specifications says that one host must have only one
ethernet address. It's compulsory with XNS.

Of course, the ethernet address may be changed by ifconfig if
the two interfaces are on the same wire, or if there is a bridge.
But in this case, what address should be used, to assert the
unicity of ethernet addresses.

For the ie* names, here is what SUN assumes
ie0 CPU board
ie1 MULTIBUS ethernet
ie2 first SCSI ethernet
ie3 second " "

I'd better set the switch to be the first ethernet rather than the
second. In this case, my second ethernet will be at ie2.
If you want your second ethernet to be at ie1, then modifies
the following line of the config file
# all lines to be local, i.e., carrier supplied by software
device ie0 at obio ? csr 0xf6000000 priority 3
device ie1 at vme24d16 ? csr 0xe88000 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x75
device ie2 at vme24d32 ? csr 0x31ff02 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x76
device ie3 at vme24d32 ? csr 0x35ff02 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x77
device ie4 at vme24d32 ? csr 0x2dff02 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x7c

Thank's again.
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