SUMMARY: troff and NeWSprint problem

From: Tatsuo -Hybrid Child- Ishii (
Date: Fri May 10 1991 - 18:27:05 CDT

My original guestion:

>Hello folks,
>Recently I have installed SPARCprinter & NeWSprint on my Sparc2
>running 4.1.1. Plane text files are printed fine, but when I typed
>following command:
> % troff -t file | pl :opost
>I encountered a problem. Printing started from almost middle of a
>paper rather than the top of a paper and the bottom half of the
>document was lost. Is this a known problem? Am I missing something?

Yes. I missed. The three magnets on the side of the paper cassete were
not set correcty. Once these staffs are set properly, everything works
fine! Sorry for my careless miss.

Anyway, thanks to who respond:

"Christopher Martin" <>
oconnor! (Mike Raffety) (Geert Jan de Groot)

Tatsuo Ishii
University of Hwaii Information and Computer Science Department

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