SUMMARY: NeWS 1.1 on SS2 with GX?

Date: Fri May 10 1991 - 09:33:35 CDT

The list is great, as usual. I got my answer within hours.
Many thanks to those who replied.

I originally complained about NeWS not coming up right on an SS2/GX
under 4.1.1.

---- (Brent A. Bice) noted that they've never been able to get NeWS 1.1 working under 4.1 or 4.1.1 and that Sun was not real helpful. He noted 4.0.3 is no option, since it the SS2 requires 4.1.1. He thought OpenWindows would not be painful, but my NeWS guru says otherwise, because every release of NeWS or OpenWindows has changed the toolkit.

---- (Carlo Tiana) came up with half the answer. checks the keyboard type and does not know about Type-4 keyboards. Its default behavior is a pop false that causes the error message and failure. Change the default behavior to load and it's happy. (I'll put the diff at the end). Unfortunately it's only happy for a short while. It did not take much use to cause a crash on a burst of keyboard or mouse events. The screen would go blank, the speaker would click, and the machine stopped responding to pings. L1-A was ignored, so a power cycle was required.


Just down the hall, (Shankar Ishwar) got the other half of the story. If you're going to tell news that the keyboard is a Type 3, you must have the courtesy to tell the keyboard as well. Running "/usr/old/setkeys sun3" before invoking the news server does fine.


I'm still gonna get my sources off of backup tapes and try recompiling the server, but what nits remain are bearable if that doesn't work. Now the diff:

*** Wed Feb 10 17:20:11 1988 --- Thu May 9 18:31:48 1991 *************** *** 702,708 **** (NeWS/ run } /Default { ! pop false } ] case end % keyboard_positions --- 702,711 ---- (NeWS/ run } /Default { ! % ! % assume that anything else is a type-3 keyboard ! % ! (NeWS/ run } ] case end % keyboard_positions

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