Re: SUMMARY: *UNIX Site Security Guideline Document (Availability)

From: Rick Ord (
Date: Wed May 08 1991 - 14:55:51 CDT

Did anyone ver get this and was it worthwhile?


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>From Tue Dec 4 14:01:33 1990
From: Wayne Little <>
Subject: SUMMARY: *UNIX Site Security Guideline Document (Availability)

Two weeks back I posted a note about being unable to reach on the net in order to get the document
"Improving the Security of Your UNIX System." Here's the summary.

I am still unable to reach that site, and several other people had the same
difficulty; Robert Enger even sent me a traceroute listing showing a black
hole after Synoptics gateway to Barrnet (still there BTW). I mainly got
requests for the document and for the information, but one kind person
did send me a site which I got the file from; however I somehow lost that mail
which is why I couldn't reply promptly (no answer)- my apologies! Fortunately
a general solution to finding almost any public domain software on the internet
came through an unrelated posting on Nov 26 from,
entitled: "How to find you PD programs (archie)" [ RE: you (sic)].

The following information is abridged from what I just got by telnetting to ( or, logging in as "archie",
which runs an arhive server program and typing "prog security-doc".
(There is doc on-line as you login also.)

File security-doc.tar.Z (size is 175811 bites) is available from the following
anonymous ftp sites (I shortened the list to just a few from each domain):

Host VGR.BRL.MIL ( Location: arch
Host uvaarpa.Virginia.EDU ( Location: pub
Host ( Location: pub
Host ( Location: div
Host CLOUSO.CRIM.CA ( Location: risq/securite
Host ( Location: uug
Host (
Host ditmela.mel.dit.CSIRO.AU ( Location: doc
Host ( Location: pub
Host ( Location: portal/doc/misc
Host ( Location: doc
Host ( Location: pub/security
Host ICARUS.RIACS.EDU ( Location: pub
Host ( Location: unix/security
Host RELAY.CDNNET.CA ( Location: uug
Host ( Location: pub/DOC
Host SPARKYFS.ERG.SRI.COM ( Location: pub
Host SUNIC.SUNET.SE ( Location: pub
Host ( Location: doc/security
Host UUNET.UU.NET ( Location: doc
Host ( Location: mirrors/unix-c/info

Thanks to:
Jeremy Frank
"Robert M. Enger" <>
Alan Emtage <>
That unnamed benefactor who actually sent me a site address (sorry)
and finally to (Eric Hanchrow) yamada-sun!eric@nosun.West.Sun.COM who added:
> "Gott wuerfelt nicht." God does not play dice. Einstein
> [It was his habitually expressed reaction to the quantum theory.]
    I heard it as "Der Herrgott wuerfelt nicht".

-- Wayne Little Internet: Phone: (314) 341-4546
USPS: Univ. of Missouri-Rolla, EE Dept., Rolla, MO 65401

"Be so true to thyself as thou not be false to others." Francis Bacon

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