SUMMARY: Unable to get & save shelf contents

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Date: Mon May 06 1991 - 18:29:43 CDT

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          Did you ever get a reply to your "unable to get and save shelf
          contents" error messages? We've seen the same thing here and wer
          just as curious.


                        Glenn Little

I'm surprised that you didn't see it. I sent a summary last week for all to
see. Anyhow, here is the summary. And amongst the many solutions, one is
bound to be the right (it was for us).

Of course now that I'm looking, I THOUGHT I sent a summary. I guest that I
didn't. It was the summary for the SLC serial lines that I sent out ;^)

Here's the info:
Here is a summary to the following question I posed on Tue Apr 30 17:45:14 1991

        To: sunkist!!sun-managers@sunkist.west
        Subject: What does this mean ?
        Status: RO

        Just this morning, my console window filled with these error messages.
        What does it mean ? I notice that it happens more frequently as I move
        around in mailtool.

        Unable to get & save shelf contents
        Unable to get & save shelf contents
        Unable to get & save shelf contents
        Unable to get & save shelf contents
          [ad nauseum]

The answers fell into 3 categories:

0. Caused by using 2 mailtools (not in my case)

1. Make sure /tmp/textsw_shelf is read/writeable by me

2. selection_svc is running as another user (BugID 1041365)
    and your umask set to 66. Exit sunview, kill selection_svc
    and start again.

3. A previous mailtool created a tmp file that contained the shelf,
    and it was created as another user. /tmp has the sticky (`t') bit
    set by default, which means that you have to be root or the owner of
    the file to delete it even if the file is mode 777 and /tmp is mode 777
    otherwise. Thus the mailtool that is running as you can't nuke the old
    shelf file or use it for your selections so it complains. Do
    a `chmod -t /tmp' and it will go away, at the possible risk of being a
    little more `open' as far as /tmp files goes.

Thanx again and a tippo the hat to:

sunkist!uunet.UU.NET!pdn!tscs!spitpa!craig (Craig H. Anderson)
sunkist!sunesc.East.Sun.COM!georget (GEORGE TERRONE)
sunkist!!lee (Liam Quin)
<sunkist!Princeton.EDU!Kennedy_J_Lemke> (Kennedy Lemke)
<sunkist!CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU!JLS%mvax> (Joel L. Seber)

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