SUMMARY: SPARCprinter Toner and Drum Cartridges

Date: Wed May 01 1991 - 10:31:58 CDT

My original message:

> The SPARCprinters take different toner and drum cartridges from
> the printers we already have (Apple LaserWriters, DP LZR-1200,
> and HP LaserJets). Unfortunately, the only vendor labels we've
> found on these items are Sun's, so we can't tell who makes them
> for Sun (I'd be *very* surprised if Sun makes them), and hence,
> have a very hard time ordering them from anyone other than Sun...
> Since I need to order these items immediately (so we can keep
> using the SPARCprinters) and believe in *open* systems :-),
> does anybody know the manufacturer and the manufacturer's model
> numbers for these items? I'll summarize the results.

Everybody who responded said the printer was made by Xerox. A couple
of folks said the SPARCprinter is a version of the Xerox 4030
laserprinter. One person was able to provide some part numbers
which was on their "Material Data Sheet" (but didn't show up on ours):

        Toner cartridge: 365-1124-01 Sun
                                6R424 Xerox

        Drum cartridge: 365-1125-01 Sun
                                13R406 Xerox

        Fuser Lubricant/oil: 370-1371-01 Sun
                                94E95090 Xerox

The "MFG. PART NUMBER"s that came with our "Customer Packing List Copy"
are: 365-1089-01, 605-1295-02, and 790-4319-02. I believe these are
Sun numbers and the first one is probably the actual printer itself.

I called up the Xerox 1-800 Supplies number and asked for help, providing
the above information. To make a long story shorter, they couldn't even
find information for the Xerox 4030 laserprinter.

I called up the local Xerox Service Center. They in turn called a Xerox
1-800 number... They did not know anything about a Sun SPARCprinter being
made by them... And apparently none of the numbers above were in whatever
database they were looking at. They did however give me the model numbers
and list price information for the Xerox 4030 laserprinter parts:

        Toner cartridge: 6R281 $120 (US)
        Drum cartridge: 13R32 $295 (US)

which is quite a bit cheaper than Sun's list prices. However, the
model numbers do not match up with the ones I was given above, so
these items may not work in the SPARCprinter.

I (and *lots* of other folks) would really appreciate some further help
from Sun and/or Xerox folks on this. Lots of potential customers want
to buy the printer but won't because of the cartridges cost. So, sure
this information might cause some cartridge sales to be lost (or force
Sun to lower its price), but it should more than make up for it in
additional SPARCprinter sales....

Many thanks for those that responded:

Brian Smith
Birger Wathne
John DiMarco
Eduardo Krell
Jim Mayer
Mike Hoegeman
Jerome Semichon
Steve Hanson

                                        --Frank Northrup
                                          Computer Science Department
                                          Michigan State University

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