SUMMARY: using a 4/60 or 4/65 GX board on a 4/75

From: Brent Chapman (
Date: Thu Apr 25 1991 - 16:03:22 CDT

I asked whether or not there were any known problems using a 4/60 or
4/65 GX board and monitor on a 4/75. I received several responses,
all of which stated that they've done it or are currently doing it,
and that it works just fine. Nobody responded saying it wouldn't work.

Tim Chan ( says that it's possible to use 4/75 GX boards in
a 4/60 or 4/65, but that you need to be careful _not_ to use a 4/75
color monitor with a 4/60 or 4/65 (the 4/75 color monitor runs at 76Hz,
while the older color monitor runs at 66Hz; the 4/75 GX board supports both
66Hz and 76Hz, while older GX boards support only 66Hz).

Thanks to the following:

    Tim Chan <>
    Guntram Wolski <seidc!pismo!>
    Ole Holm Nielsen <>


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