SUMMARY: Sony CD-ROM on SunOS-4.1.1

From: Daryl Crandall (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1991 - 15:06:34 CDT

I appreciate the quick responses to my question about the Sony CDU-6111-01 CD-ROM drive under SunOS_4.1.1.

I've also talked with the vendor (Young Minds) who sold us the Sony 6111 drive and the driver, and the word is that the SunOS-4.0.3 version of their driver will not work under SunOS-4.1.1 (an upgrade is available for $25.00). The native 'sr' driver under SunOS-4.1.1 will not drive this model CD-ROM drive.

We are going to purchase the upgrade from Young Minds to permit us to continue to use our existing Sony 6111 drive to mount HSFS file systems but will still be unable to boot a SunOS distribution.

Sun seems to be deliberatly excluding support for some CD-ROM drives. I assume the reasons are technical.

        Daryl Crandall

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