SUMMARY: Installing Third Ethernet

From: Tres Hofmeister (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1991 - 19:03:31 CDT

        In under one day I have a working solution! It's getting so that I
don't even think about calling the Sun AnswerLine anymore...

        My original query concerned appropriate DIP switch settings for
installing a third Intel ethernet interface board in a 4/360 running 4.1.1.
I received two similar responses.

        Thanks to:

        David Robinson david@elroy.Jpl.Nasa.Gov
        Curt Freeland

        From David's reply:

 The most helpful answer came from: He provided an
 archive from rice that had all the info I needed. It appears that this
 archive was written prior to 4.1 because it discusses the OS problems
 involved. Under 4.1 you just enter the config lines in the kernel config
 file and multiple interfaces are supported. Summarizing, the proper kernel
 config lines are:
 device ie0 at obio ? csr 0xc0000 priority 3
 device ie1 at vme24d16 ? csr 0xe88000 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x75
 device ie2 at vme24d16 ? csr 0xc88000 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x76
 device ie3 at vme24d16 ? csr 0xc08000 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x77
 device ie4 at vme24d16 ? csr 0xb88000 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x78
 device ie5 at vme24d16 ? csr 0xb08000 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x79
 device ie6 at vme24d16 ? csr 0xa88000 priority 3 vector ieintr 0x7a

 The switch Settings:

 ie controller & VME-Multibus adapter switch settings:
 ie1 is as described in the Sun Hardware Installation Manual.

 Switches which change on other cards are:
  ie U503 sw 1-8 -- addr (A12-19) of 16K block of regs within Multibus space
  ie U505 sw 1-4 -- addr (A12-15) of block of buffer RAM within Multibus space
  ie U506 sw 1-8 -- size of buffer RAM (64K, 128K, or 256K, in strange code)

  adap DIP 7 sw 1-8 -- addr (A23-16) of Multibus space within 16M VME space
  adap DIP 8 sw 1-8 -- size (A23-16) of Multibus space
  adap DIP 12 sw 1-8 -- interrupt vector (bits 0-7)

 Sun sets ie1's interrupt vector to 1b (68000 generic level 3 interrupt)
 rather than 75 (as listed in the config file), God knows why. 75 works too.

 Switches: x = off O = on

 U506 codes: 256K=xOOxxOOx 128K=(forgot) 64K=OxxOOxxO (switch order 1-8)
 All presently set at 256K.

 Controller ie1 ie2 ie3 ie4 ie5 ie6
 ------------------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
 Multibus space size 0x100000 0x080000 0x080000 0x080000 0x080000 0x080000
 Adaptor DIP 8 sw1-8 OOOOxxxx OOOOOxxx OOOOOxxx OOOOOxxx OOOOOxxx OOOOOxxx

 Multibus space addr 0xE00000 0xC80000 0xC00000 0xB80000 0xB00000 0xA80000
 Adaptor DIP 7 sw1-8 xxxOxxxx xxOOxxxx xxOOOxxx xOxxxxxx xOxxOxxx xOxOxxxx

 interrupt vector 0x1B 0x76 0x77 0x78 0x79 0x7A
 Adaptor DIP12 sw1-8 xxOxxOOO OxxOxxxO xxxOxxxO OOOxxxxO xOOxxxxO OxOxxxxO

 ie registers addr 0xE88000 0xC88000 0xC08000 0xB88000 0xB08000 0xA88000
 ie ctrlr U503 sw1-8 xxxOxxxO xxxOxxxO xxxOxxxx xxxOxxxO xxxOxxxx xxxOxxxO

 ie RAM addr 0xE40000 0xCC0000 0xC40000 0xBC0000 0xB40000 0xAC0000
 ie ctrlr U505 sw1-4 xxOx xxOO xxOx xxOO xxOx xxOO

Tres Hofmeister

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