SUMMARY: Maxtor LXT-340SY Info.

From: Tres Hofmeister (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1991 - 19:21:54 CDT

        My original query concerned drive configuration information for the
Maxtor LXT-340SY 3.5" 340MB drive.

        Thanks to:

        Kerien Fitzpatrick
        Maxtor Technical Support: (408) 432-1700

        Drive information:

        Physical cylinders: 2375
        Data cylinders: 2373
        Alternate cylinders: 2
        Sectors/Track: 40
        Bytes/Track: 20480
        Total Sectors: 664440

        The three drives that I received had no labels and apparently no
defect lists. I heard a rumor that Maxtor is now managing defects at the
EPROM level, but did not verify this. After initializing the defect lists
to zero defects, I got the following errors running format:

        Warning: Using default mode select parameters
        Warning: Drive format may not be correct

but everything appears to be fine. Running two surface analysis passes with
differing patterns turned up no defects, and the drives seem to be running
with no problems.

Tres Hofmeister

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