SUMMARY (so far): Running FORMAT Causes TIMEOUT BUS ERROR on 3/260 (SOS 4.0.3)

From: Robert M. Enger (
Date: Wed Apr 17 1991 - 20:41:54 CDT


Many thanks for all the help.

All but one respondent suggested that I get the
Disk Controller card replaced. As long as we're
at it, we'll try to get it brought up to the
most recent hardware revision level too!

A few folks offered the technical insight that the symptoms
        o system had to be powered-down to clear it
        o video memory was overwritten
indicated that one of the devices on the VME bus
had gone nutzo and wouldn't give up the bus.
The suggested culprit being the Disk Controller Card.

One person seemed to recall a SOFTWARE problem
with older versions of the FORMAT program.
To quote him:

        I seem to recall that certain versions of format did not wait long
        enough for the disk controller when it (the disk controller) was
        running certain lengthy on-board operations like a format.

Does anyone else share his recollection?
This machine is still running SunOS 4.0.3.

Again, MANY THANKS for all the help,
Bob Enger
Contel Federal Systems (Internet)

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