SUMMARY: Fujitsu M2263E on a sun 3/160

Date: Tue Apr 16 1991 - 16:00:05 CDT

In order to put the Fujitsu M2263E onto an MD21 ESDI disk controller,
you must have ROM rev A98E or higher. Contact Emulex, they have an
ROM upgrade program. You should also closely inspect your board rev
and have Sun upgrade it to the latest if your 3/160 is really old.
I have not verified that the board rev will actually keep it from
working, though, so this may be optional (I upgraded mine).

I actually have the 2263E working as sd0, with a second ESDI Micropolis
as sd1 on a SCSI-2 host adapter on a 3/160 running 4.1.1.

One other trick: when formatting, if you get errors while writing to
the last cylinder for the backup label using the MD21, WIPE THE GEOMETRY
from the disk by paritioning the disk and writing random data over sector 0
(at least). I always let it run for a few more sectors just in case.

Eric Carroll University of Toronto Computing Services
                        Network Development Support

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