SUMMARY - SLC's as servers..

From: Rick Niziak (ontologic!gremlin!
Date: Tue Apr 02 1991 - 14:19:05 CST

In my original note, I said:

>I have 4 SLC's which need to separate from the rest of the network.. They
>currently are being served by a 3 series server.... Essentially we are now
>CPU bound by the Server... and traffic is unbearable... My question is:
>Is it possible to make one of the SLC's serve the other 3 with some
>type of improvement in regards to performance and network traffic, or
>Would it be better to buy them all disks and have them be standalones ????
I received multiple answers, the best idea would be to have one SLC become a
master server and hold all extra sw such as X and associated stuff.
This would be accomplished w/ purchasing a good sized disk (~1Gb)

The other 3 SLC's, (if $$ is plentiful) I will purchase 200Mb disks for each
for local boot and swap, and receive the other necessary sw via NFS mounts
to the SLC server.

Thanks to all those who sent ideas:
Dan Butzer
Bob Drzyzgula
Eduardo Krell
Kanthan Pillay
Dennis Morse
Jay Plett
Phil Ritzenthaler
Stephane Tsacas
Kenton C. Phillips
Steve Harris

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