SUMMARY: Exabyte Tape Bug

From: Meg Grice (
Date: Tue Apr 02 1991 - 10:01:51 CST

Sun Managers,

        Thanks for all your help. The question was

> I have a new 8mm Exabyte tape drive. I get the message
> tape may be wearing out.... I called Sun and they said it was
> a now bug. The mailed me a bug fix; however, the README file
> says the patch is for a sun4_490. Can I apply this to my
> Sun 4/390? I mailed this question to Sun on Monday and still
> have not heard a response.

        I should also have said that I was running SunOS 4.1_PSR_A.
The patch id is 100134-03 and the bug id is 1042822.

Thanks to everyone that replied especially:


To the person who requested an immediate response, I'm sorry I could
not get the information to you directly. My mailer does not work

Meg Grice
Unix Sys Admin, UMKC
(816) 235-5212

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