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Date: Mon Apr 15 1991 - 17:29:13 CDT

Thanks to all who replied to my problem with the exports file. Most
people said to use "netgroups" to solve my problem of having too many
machines on one line in the /etc/exports file. The main problem with
that is that I do not run NIS yellow pages. Although many of you said
I did not need to be running NIS to use "netgroups" only one person,
Steve Hayman, gave me a clear answer on how to do it. Thanks a billion
Steve, this netgroups thing is working fantastic. I now have no problem
getting any number of people into my exports file.

-------First, A quote from Steve in his first message:----------
You can use netgroup without yellow pages. We use it here.
What you have to do is build new shared libraries containing
versions of the netgroup routines that will read the plain
file without contacting NIS. This is not hard to do but it
is a little time consuming. However I think the benefits
are worth it.

--------Second, this is what must be done:-----------------------
First off, you need to have /usr/lib/shlib.etc installed on your system.
This directory contains the stuff you need to rebuild shared libraries.
It's an optional category called "shlib_custom" or something when
you install SunOS, so it may not be there by default but you should
be able to get it from your distribution media.

The general idea is to build a new shared library in which the
getnetgrent() routine looks in the actual /etc/netgroup file,
rather than calling yellow pages.

What you need to do is find C source code for the netgroup routines that
will read the /etc/netgroup file, and compile those routines and
build them into your new shared library. It just so happens that I
have some routines that do this. I got them from the U of Toronto, I
think they extracted them from an earlier Sun release where /etc/netgroup
really was a plain file.

The two source files you need are "getnetgrent.c" and "innetgr.c"



For anyone who isn't running NIS, and is interested in doing this, feel
free to e-mail me.

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