SUMMARY: panic: mclput

From: Steve Belcher (bcstec!esprit!
Date: Mon Apr 15 1991 - 11:18:26 CDT

Problem: kernel panic mclput

Cause: it's caused by a corruption in the linked list of mbufs that describe
a set of packets received by your machine. when the kernel goes to
put the mbufs back in the pool, it notices that they've been corrupted
and panics. periods of high activity with certain, specific sequences
of IP packet types will cause this to happen.

--hal stern
  sun microsystems

Fix: patch-id# 100149-01 (4.1 and 4.1.1)

Available: 1) anonymous ftp to /pub/sun-fixes/sunos4.1*
           2) Call 1-800-USA-4-SUN and ask for the "MCLPUT" patch tape

The response to my problem was excellent! Thanks to all who responded.

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