Summary: different swap file location possible under 4.0.3?

From: Ned Danieley (
Date: Mon Apr 15 1991 - 08:04:34 CDT

Well, as many people suggested, my problem with using a swap file
from /tmp was indeed an exports problem. What happened was that I
already had /tmp exported, so when I added:

/tmp/swap/lisa -root=lisa,access=lisa

to the exports file and did exportfs, it didn't work (you can't
export a sub-dir of an already exported directory).

One way around that problem is to export /tmp with root access for
lisa enabled:

/tmp -root=lisa

You can't add -access=lisa because that seems to keep other machines
from mounting /tmp, and you have to enable root access for lisa.

thanks to all who helped:

Ned Danieley (
Basic Arrhythmia Laboratory
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