SUMMARY: CD-ROM not working

Date: Thu Apr 11 1991 - 23:24:06 CDT

Its late on Friday here so I thought I had better summarize the messages I
got. Our situation is that the CD-ROM is still not working, Sun wants us
to put the generic kernel back in and try that before they send some one
out to look at it to see if the CD-ROM drive is broken.

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Bill Voss
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Useful information

What happens when you try to "cd /cdrom" .. sounds to me like the directory
hasn't been made.
perhaps you have selected the wrong filesystem type:
CD are available in two different types: HSFS and normal UNIX(r) filesystem.
So you have to mount this either with -t hsfs or not.
Have you tried it without this option ?
As you have no doubt heard by now (but just in case you haven't!), the no
such device or address may be referring to the /usr/etc/mount_hsfs
command which might not be in your path.  cd /usr/etc
and try the mount command again.  when you do mount -t hsfs, the file
mount_hsfs is executed, if it is not in your path, then it will fail!
Now it works, the solution was either
		mount -f /dev/sr0 /cdrom
	followed by
		mount -r /dev/sr0 /cdrom
	of a 4.2 format cd-rom
or because the
		mount -r /dev/sr0 /cdrom
	line was executed while the little green light was still on 
	after I had just inserted the caddy,
or because this machine got tired of teasing me.

Whatever the reason, (I`m betting on `mount -f`) it now seems to work correctly with both hsfs, and 4.2 format cdrom disks. I can mount -r [-t hsfs] /dev/sr0 /cdrom umount /cdrom eject /dev/sr0 to my hearts content. -- does /dev/sr0 have the right device numbers? my system has 18 for the block and 58 for the character device (/dev/rsr0). -- Do the major numbers in the /dev/sr* files match the expected values from the kernel config file (/usr/sys/sun/conf.c)? This could cause you to not be able to access the device when the kernel says it's there. -- It looks as if the machine has lost track of the device altogether (SCSI bus problems?).

What I found that works, and sometimes only after several attempts, was to turn off the CD drive, turning it on again, and when the green light on the drive comes on, give the mount command again. --

Thanks to all who replied.

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