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From: David C. Kovar (
Date: Wed Apr 10 1991 - 10:48:58 CDT

  I was looking for an archive server. I found several. Here's the summary
from someone else who asked a similar question awhile back.


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Reposted-by: (Edward Vielmetti) (Dave Shaver) writes:
>In all I found five servers: DECWRL server, B-Server, KISS, Multihouse
>Research server, and the NETLIB server. From this line-up I've chosen
>the Multihouse Research server. The main win for it was that it's
>written in Perl. (I'm a newly-hatched perl fanatic.)

I forgot to tell everyone how to get the source to these servers. To
keep things simple for everyone I've decided to make them all available
on my own machine (at least for now.) I've also put up the source to the
"alpha release" of my own server. (My server is a hacked version of
the Multihouse server. If your looking for a Perl-based server, I (not
so humblely :-) suggest looking at mine.)

Let's get down to business. You can get the sources to any of the six
mail servers in two different ways. First, you can ask my mail server
to send them to you. (Assuming it works! ;-)

Here's a list of file names for the sources:


So if you want my server plus the Multihouse server, type:

        send csdserv.TZ mserv.TZ

You should end up with compressed tar files of the two servers.

The other way to get the sources is via FTP. They're up on ( Look in /pub/servers for
the file names listed above.

Hope this helps everyone out!

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