Sumary local swap on client under SunOS3.5

From: Sven Ole Skrivervik (
Date: Wed Apr 10 1991 - 07:32:46 CDT

Hey folks, I've had enough!!!!
Thanks for your answers.

It seems like a lot of people out there don't know what
SunOS 3.5 is so they suggested to solve this with "swapon"
and editing fstab and so on. I'm not trying to solve a
SunOS 4.x problem!

One guy did know what I was talking about. He said
that it wasn't possible to swap on a local disk without
mounting root from the same under 3.5 :

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> Is it possible to use a local disk as a swap device
> on a 3/50 that boots off a 3/60 under SunOS 3.5???


Not without putting the root partition on the local disk also. In SunOS
3.5, a machine finds out where to get its vmunix from the eeprom. It
then loads vmunix, goes through some testing stuff, and then looks
around to find its real root partition. The problem is that at that
point, the logic is pretty fixed: if there's a local disk, it assumes
that the root partition is stored there. This was a giant pain that
was fixed in SunOS 4.0. But root doesn't take up that much space,
so I'd suggest doing it anyway. We set up 91MB "paging packs" that
have a 16MB root, 50 MB swap, and 16 MB /tmp. These work out
pretty well.

Bob Drzyzgula
Federal Reserve Board

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Before I sendt the question I tested the obvious method to do this
(editing the config line in the kernel configuration) and it failed.
So I'm going to place the root filesystem AND swap on the disk.


- Sven

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