SUMMARY: lpd problem

From: Dawn Endico (
Date: Mon Apr 08 1991 - 14:11:38 CDT

Original posting
>Print server is a 3/260 running SunOS Release 4.1 (GENERIC).
>Clients are sun3's and sun4's running 4.1, PC's running PCNFS,
>and PC's running the Clarkson University TCP Communication Package.
>Jobs print fine when initiated from print server. When a client
>tries to print a job, its files get copied to the spool directory,
>but its control file is only a temporary copy. ( instead of a file
>named /var/spool/ap2/cf* I get one named /var/spool/ap2/tf*)
>I'm not sure if its a mistake for the control files to be named tf*,
>or if something on the print server is supposed to rename the files.
>In any case, nothing prints unless I manually rename the tf* files
>to cf*.
>The end of my lpd-errs is full of:
> call to undefined procedure from 0x202ee


Thanks to everyone who responded. (,
Chris.Drake@Corp.Sun.COM, oconnor!,
and as always, It turns out that the problem
was exactly what no one suspected. My copy of /usr/lib/lpd was

I grabbed a copy of it over from another system and everything has
been working beautifully since then. Seems pretty strange that
lpd was only corrupted a *little bit*. That is, everything worked
ok except the part where it was supposed to rename the tf files
to cf. It turns out that yes, there was a disk problem that day,
but it happened after the problem with lpd.


--------comparison of good and bad versions of /usr/lib/lpd----------
mathsun# ls -las lpd*
  56 -rws--s--x 1 root 57344 Apr 5 11:41 lpd*
  56 -rws--s--x 1 root 57344 Apr 5 11:41 lpd.old*
mathsun# diff lpd*
Binary files lpd and lpd.old differ
mathsun# sum lpd*
65247 56 lpd
59133 56 lpd.old

----------------excerpt from /var/adm/messages------------------------
Apr 4 04:42:43 mathsun vmunix: ECC Error Register d4<INTR,INTENA,CE_ENA,WBACKERR>
Apr 4 04:42:43 mathsun vmunix: DVMA = 0, context = 3, virtual address = f72ee37
Apr 4 04:42:43 mathsun vmunix: pme = 0, physical address = e37
Apr 4 04:42:43 mathsun vmunix: panic: writeback error
Apr 4 04:42:43 mathsun vmunix: syncing file systems... [2] [1] done
Apr 4 04:42:43 mathsun vmunix: 00128 low-memory static kernel pages

[system rebooted here]

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