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Date: Tue Apr 09 1991 - 01:41:23 CDT


Original posting:
>I'm running a 4/470 (4.1) which has a problem with the eeprom.
>The eeprom has an checksum error and the software can't fix it.
>The eeprom is writable.
[deleted example]
>Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this ?
>Is it a potential BIG problem ? (or can I just ignore it)

Most people suggested to use eeprom -i -c (or -ic or -ci etc)
but that doesn't work. It turned out to be a known problem.
Brian H. Powell writes:

> According to the SunOS 4.1.1B Release and Install manual, Chapter 13,
>Known Problems, Page 13-12, BugID 1034017:
> The eeprom command must always be used with the -i flag when run on a
>SPARCsystem 300 series of SPARCsystem 400 series machine. Without the flag, an
>error message is displayed:
> eeprom: software area checksum wrong

I also got a warning concerning the same problem on an SS1:
Klaus U. Schallhorn writes:

>I had the same problem on an SS1 few months back. The hard&software guys
>insisted I could ignore it. Within days I had a bad disk. Although
>sun [uk] stil maintained a kernel or other problem [I hadn't touched it
>in more than 9 months] I finally managed to get a new chip. fsck'ed the
>disk. Everything's fine now.

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