SUMMARY: Bus Error Reg 80<INVALID>

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Date: Sat Apr 06 1991 - 13:03:49 CST

SUMMARY: "Bus Error Reg 80<INVALID>","bus error reg 80<invalid>","BUS ERROR REG 80<INVALID>" <- to make life easier with grep.

        A few days ago I posted asking if others had more info on the
error "Bus Error Reg 80<INVALID>". This was/is occurring on a Sun 3/50
running 4.1 (no patches). I suspected hdwr as the cause, but from the
responses I've gotten it is the OS. The problem exists in 4.1 and 4.1.1. (on a 3/60, OS4.1.1) said the problem is a memory page not
being allowed to write out to where it wants to go. reported that Sun told him it
was "a known problem" (at least for his 4/330) and 4.1.1 would correct it.

 However, who has a
4/280 running 4.1.1 said he had the same problem and that Sun had sent
him a patch to correct this. He's in the process of installing it, so he
couldn't say how well it worked. The patch has not been posted by Sun.
(But, gee it would nice :) ). The patch is supposed to be applied to 'locore'.

Snatches from their e-mail are given below.

Department of Computing and Information Science
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario ph#: (519)824-4120 x8136,x4297
CANADA fax: (519)837-0323
N1G 2W1

From: Douglas W. Johnson <>
Douglas Johnson

>symptoms you described. My machine is a used 3/60 (SunOS 4.1.1, one
>141x60Mb shoebox, standalone) that I just recently bought from Apex.
>So far I've learned that the "Bus Error Reg 80<INVALID>" message is an
>error when the system tries to write to a memory page that it is not
>allowed to (this is what the tech engineer indicated). I changed out

From: Nigel Titley <>

>We currently have this on our 4/330. It definitely isn't hardware, we've had
>everything possible changed. Sun now say that it is a known bug with 4.1 and
>will be fixed by upgrading to 4.1.1. I'll be trying this in a couple of weeks.

From: (Kirk Thege)

>We're seeing this a lot on two of our 4/280's which we recently upgraded to
>SunOS4.1.1. Sun has sent a patch to locore which I have not yet installed
>(and is not yet a released patch). They might have a similar patch for
>your 3/50.

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