SUMMARY: Looking For SS-2 working with HP-97548S Drive

From: Steve Simmons (
Date: Wed Apr 03 1991 - 17:21:28 CST

Hmm... in my original complaint, I mentioned getting info from Brian
Powell that he was having problems with a HP drive. I thought the
complaint came thru Sun Managers, but it appears not -- several other
folk say they've never seen his note. So I'll copy him on this summary
and tell him about Sun-Managers.

There were some contradictions in what was reported to me, but on the
whole the answers were encouraging. Everyone said the exact firmware
level was very important. Dan Butzer <hela!!butzer>
was the most specific:

>The drives work VERY VERY well with SS2's provided you have correct firmware.
>Your drive should have C103 level firmware or later. B level firmware
>wont work. Talk to whomever sold you the drive about getting an upgrade.
>You can determine the firmware level by doing a "probe-scsi" from the
>OK prompt of the open boot prom. The last 4 digits displayed reveal the
>firmware level.

He also gave this additional reason to upgrade the firmware:

>Also, with C103, the drives go synchronous at 4MB/s (not 3.?????)

Guntram Wolski ( wrote:

>We have some PROM upgrades and plan on trying the configuration in a few
>weeks when we get our second HP drive. If you have no answer by then,
>I will let you know. told me he had no problems
>getting it to work with the new PROMS. They sit on a little plug in
>module, and the latest PROMS I received from my vendor have an i.d.
>tag of C2DFU/C103 on them.

John Posey <hela!!posey> wrote:

>We are using three HP-97549T disks (1.18G) successfully on two SS2s.
>I suspect that you need a firmware change on the disk. Contact your
>distributor and have them contact HP or contact HP directly and ask
>about getting your firmware changed to SCSI-2 that is compatible with

The 97548S and 97549T are supposed to be identical except for
capacity (8=660MB, 9=1180MB), and firmware level (T>S). So this
is encouraging.

Bob Drzyzgula ( writes (I've excerpted):

> . . . we just got one of those beasts to run on a SPARCstation
>2 just a few days ago. When we first hooked it up a couple of weeks
>ago, it was nightmare city. All you had to do was reboot the machine to
>cause serious and pervasive file corruption. Simple things like file
>copies would cause system crashes and lost data. After going through a
>rather stubborn denial phase, the vendor finally checked it out
>and came up with a ROM "coupon board" of all things. Seems like the ROM
>code in the drive just didn't get along with the SS2. We've got another
>97548 drive that hasn't been installed yet, but they're short on those
>ROMs: I guess that it's been an unexpectedly popular product :-).
>Anyway, the system can now be rebooted without losing half the disk. I
>can't say yet if it's gonna stay problem free for the long haul.
>FYI, we also had to get ROM upgrades for some 1.2GB HP 97549T drives in
>order to get them to work on the SS2. For the time being, I'm gonna
>stay away from HP drives. I've never had a problem with Seagate/Imprimis

Heh heh. If anybody from HP is on this list, I'm sure they loved his
last paragraph.

Thanks to all, and I'll write that check now...

Steve Simmons

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