SUMMARY: Console mesages

From: Sys Adm (
Date: Fri Mar 29 1991 - 12:13:12 CST

Sun Managers,

> I am running openwindows on a GX board. My console messages go to the
> proper place: The window I have started with the -C flag. Just for
> your reference, here is what my .openwin-init file looks like. The
> line that starts the console is the first cmdtool (First non-comment
> line in the file).

        Thanks for your help. I had asked the user if he had
a console window and he said he did. Unfortunely as many of
you pointed out it did not have the -C option.

Thanks to

and to many others from whom I will probaly get answers after
I send this.

Meg Grice
Unix Sys Admin, UMKC
(816) 235-5212

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