Anonymous FTP Logging (Recap)

From: Bill Lewandowski (
Date: Wed Mar 27 1991 - 09:23:29 CST


Afew weeks ago I asked about anonymous FTP logging
on a sun. Now that I have time, here is a recap of the messages
I received on the subject and thanks to all who responed.
Bill Lewandowski

From: Robert Elz <>

There's a bug in ftpd - it attempts to syslog (which uses the
unix domain socket /dev/log) after it has chroot'd to ~ftp
in the case of anon ftp. Needless to say there is no /dev/log
under ~ftp (and even if you were to attempt to make one, it
would do no good).

Ftpd needs to be fixed to connect to the syslog socket before
the chroot (proper args to a suitably places openlog() will do



I've hacked on ftpd to do logging of where the connection's from &
what username they put. It also allows restriction of hours to 6pm-6am
if needed. It doesnt log what files they get (or at least I've never
given it a try). You're welcome to a copy if ya want. It's on [] in pub/unix/widener.ftpd.tar.Z.

     Brendan Kehoe - Widener Sun Network Manager -
  Widener University in Chester, PA                A Bloody Sun-Dec War Zone


From: (Wayne B. Cripps) Subject: Re: Sun Anonymous FTP Logging To:

Bill -

I hacked ftp source to use a network logging scheme - so it doesn't care that ftp does a chroot.



From: beig%FRULM63.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU (Jacques Beigbeder) To: Subject: Re: Sun Anonymous FTP Logging

I asked the same question around the 15th of February. The trouble is that the following sequence doesn't work: openlog(...) chroot(...) <- done when Anonymous ftp syslog(...) <- does nothing

I got the answer and the fix from:

> Is there any way to fix this?

Yes, you can change (a copy of) the syslog(3) subroutine to use a tcp/udp connection for the connection to the syslog daemon instead of the 'unix' domain socket which fails as soon as the chroot is done.

Or you can fix the kernal so that the unix domain thing works after the chroot -- not sure why it's failing, since (in theory) the connection is open (to /dev/log) prior to the chroot so the i/o "should" continue to work.

I've done it here, let me know if you'd like it.

-- Jim Guyton _________________________________________________________________________ So the fix is to recompile ftpd with a good syslog.c!

--Jacques Beigbeder


From: Jim Guyton <>

1) get the ftpd source 2) get the syslog(3) source 3) change (2) to use UDP packets instead of UNIX sockets 4) relink -- Jim Guyton


From: knutson%SW.MCC.COM@MCC.COM (Jim Knutson) Subject: Re: Sun Anonymous FTP Logging

I haven't tried this, but how about running an additional syslogd as

chroot ~ftp syslogd It would need seperate config and dev files, but if you really need it, it might work.

Jim Knutson


From: Robert Elz <> Date: Thu, 14 Mar 91 11:25:48 CST From: knutson%SW.MCC.COM@MCC.COM (Jim Knutson) Message-ID: <>

I haven't tried this, but how about running an additional syslogd as

chroot ~ftp syslogd

I belive that is likely to work, but would be a whole separate syslog universe (certainly a separate log file, and no access to user login info, or ttys, to send messages to logged in users, should you want to have ftpd ever do that, which is probably just a bit difficult to imagine).

But the sources to ftpd are available, and fixing the bug is easy ...

I was also reminded that sun's syslog(3) doesn't seem to want to behave properly, even with the correct args to openlog(3), so getting a replacement syslog(3) to use with ftpd is also needed I think - when I look I see that is what I did.

I have made the version of ftpd that I use here (which logs anon ftp sessions - but usually produces less logging info that was demonstrated in the original request) available for anonymous ftp from []. Fetch pub/net/ftpd.tar.Z (a compressed tar file) in binary mode. This is known to work on sparcs running 4.0.3 and sun3's running 4.1 (and there's no reason it shouldn't work on other similar combinations).


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