SUMMARY (2): SIMM placement in SPARCstation-2 ??

From: Ole Holm Nielsen (
Date: Tue Mar 26 1991 - 02:01:12 CST

Here is an updated and corrected summary of my original question:

>I just received a SS-1 to SS-2 upgrade kit, and now I want to move my added
>(i.e., those beyond the base 8 MB) SIMM modules to the new SS-2 box.
>However, a neat little trick in the SS-2 Installation Guide is that the SIMM
>installation instructions, which previously (for SS-1s) were in an Appendix,
>have now been moved into a separate manual called "Installing SPARCstation 2
>SIMMs". Obviously, I don't own that manual, so I wonder:
>Would anyone offer me SS-2 SIMM installation maps (i.e., which SIMM sockets
>do I fill) ? I imagine that I still need to install groups of 4 identical
>SIMM modules. Do I fill the groups with the same symmetry as the factory-
>installed modules, e.g., should I add four modules in U0312-U0321-U0310-U0308 ?

I just received a summary of the relevant pages in "Installing
SPARCstation 2 SIMMs" (thanks a lot to russ@MATH.ORST.EDU <Russell
Ruby>), which is THE authoritative way to place SIMMs in the SS-2.
Note that this supercedes the incorrect information in my first

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Map of SIMM slot postions by label in Sparc 2

                   SBus slots (back of machine)

     UO311 UO322
     UO312 UO321
     UO313 UO320
     UO319 UO316
     UO309 UO307
    (UO310) unmarked UO308
    (UO314) unmarked UO315
    (UO318) unmarked UO317

                   Hard Drives (front of machine)

Table of Memory Banks:

     BANK 0 UO311 UO322
                 UO309 UO307

     BANK 1 UO312 UO321
                (UO310) unmarked UO308

     BANK 2 UO313 UO320
                (UO314) unmarked UO315

     BANK 3 UO319 UO316
                (UO318) unmarked UO317

Now, the instructions, quoted from page 11 of "Installing SIMMs"

--begin quote--
You must install the SIMMs in unoccupied slots so that all slots
a memory bank are filled.

Memory bank 0 is ALWAYS filled. The SIMMs in bank 0 are used to
boot your SPARCstation 2.

Suppose banks 1,2, and 3 do not have SIMMs installed. You want to
install additional set(s) of four SIMMs. See figures 1-4 and 1-5.
You should install each set of four SIMMs according to the following

        BANK 2

        BANK 1

        BANK 3

-- end quote --

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I hope this helps all of you SS-2 owners out there !

With best regards,

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