SUMMARY: SunOS4.1.1 on 3/75, 3/160, 3/180

From: Sheila Hollenbaugh (
Date: Tue Mar 19 1991 - 14:26:35 CST

Thanks to the zillions of people who took the time to answer my query.

Here are excerpts from my original query:
>>I finally bit the bullet and spent the money to order enough RTU
>>licenses to upgrade all of my Sun-3 systems to SunOS 4.1.1.
>>Anyhow, we are planning to do the entire thing (40 systems
>>next week, and I was doing my duty and Ring T FM in preparation when Lo
>>and Behold, in the Open Issues section I found the following gem:
>>"Older Sun-3 systems running under SunOS 3.X may have difficulty
>>upgrading to SunOS 4.1.1."
>>Has anyone seen this? What are the symptoms? Is it really fatal to the
>>listed systems? Should I send back my 40 RTU and get back my $17,000
>>and buy another DECstation? :-)
>>What I have:
>>2 ea. Sun-3/75 PROM level 1.5
>>3 ea. Sun-3/160 PROM level 1.5
>>1 ea. Sun-3/180 PROM level 1.5 (minimum PROM level stated as 1.8 for all)

The concensus is that the problem referred to applies to booting from
tape, but booting over the net, or from a remote tape drive is not a
problem. Also many people are running 4.1.1 on systems with lower PROM
Rev. numbers without problems. I called my sales Guy, then called the
800 Sun number, and received an updated PROM on Monday (called Friday).
All is going relatively well with the upgrade so far.

Thanks again to everyone!!!

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