How to reach Bob Greene, the Sun Spots Digest Moderator (SUMMARY)

From: Dave Kohr (
Date: Tue Mar 19 1991 - 15:33:43 CST

I recently posted a query about how to reach Bob Greene, the moderator
of the Sun Spots Digest. I received several replies. The one which
seemed to work was to use the address

Bob has apparently left Rice U., and gone to work for Bell Northern
Research in Richardson, TX. He isn't responding to requests sent to because of a large backlog in Sun Spots
postings, but did respond when I mailed to his personal e-mail address.

Many thanks to those who replied to my query.

David R. Kohr M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory Group 45 (Radars 'R' Us)
     email: (preferred) or
     phone: (617)981-0775 (work) or (617)527-3908 (home)

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