SUMMARY: Problems with Carrier Detect on Suns

From: Joseph F. Young (
Date: Mon Mar 18 1991 - 07:38:24 CST

Hal Stern (stern@east.SUN.COM) sent me a very informative PostScript
document detailing serial cabling and the applicable software configuration
options for SunOS 4.0.3, which I have made available on via anonymous ftp in /pub/
The software part changes a great deal with 4.1, but this does not reduce
the usefulness of this document, in my opinion.

With the help of this document (and a little determination),
we have gotten our serial ports to work correctly on all our machines.
Most of our problems were with the SPARCstations which needed to be
reset everytime we tried a new serial setting in the PROM; I just recently
saw a reference to a patch which is supposed to fix this problem and
I will hopefully get details soon.

Thanks to everyone who responded (I seem to have lost my mailbox file
of responses, so I am afraid I lost track of all the replies...)

Joe Young

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