SUMMARY (UPDATE) : How do I lock the yppasswd master

Date: Fri Mar 15 1991 - 17:25:43 CST

 I have more information on how to lock the yppasswd master file.
 Les <> confirmed a change of the locking
 locking mechanism from the earlier OS versions. Thanks Les.

 Bill Heelan has made two of his utilities that implement
 his "vipw" available. You can pick these up using anonymous ftp on ( Look in pub/yp. With these files,
 you can see how to implement your own locking mechanism.
 Thanks Bill.

Nicky Ayoub
Dept. of E.E Concordia University
Montreal QC. H3G 1M8 (514) 848-3107


>I looked into this problem a while back and discovered the following
> - before (from the BSD 4.3 code that I had access to)
> yppasswdd did indeed lock with /etc/ptmp (its hard coded :)
> - as of SunOS 4.0.3, this was not the case+, it used
> YPPASSWDFILE.ptmp to lock
> - using YPPASSWDFILE.ptmp will work for SunOS 4.0.3 and on
> (I am using it right now :)
>In short, if you have access to the source for vipw you can compile
>your own ypvipw by changing the appropriate lines at the top of
>vipw.c (at our site the change was
>char temp[] = "/etc/ypmaps/passwd.yp.ptmp";
>char passwd[] = "/etc/ypmaps/passwd.yp";
>where /etc/ypmaps/passwd.yp is what we invoke rpc.yppasswdd with.)
>+Since we have no Sun source, I can't say for certain anymore,
>however, I believe I tried all reasonable combinations.

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