SUMMARY: NFSDs Hanging in "D" State

Date: Thu Mar 14 1991 - 12:54:38 CST

I posted a message about nfsd processes getting stuck in D state:

The message read:

> We are experiencing a problem in which all the nfsd processes on our
> Sun 3/280 server (SunOS 4.1) are getting stuck in the "D" state.
> We had this problem before upgrading to SunOS 4.1 (we were previously
> at SunOS 4.0.1), and fixed it by applying some patches (I thing it was
> the NFS Jumbo patches).
> My question is this: Is the NFS bug which caused this hanging in SunOS
> 4.0.1 still present in SunOS 4.1? And can it be fixed by applying the
> same NFS patches?

There were several people who replied. A summary of the responses follows:

1. There is an NFS Jumbo patch for SunOS 4.1 (And I was told for
   SunOS 4.1.1 as well)

   We did apply the Jumbo patch for 4.1, but it resulted in a kernel
   which would not boot. It would panic during booting.

2. One person said the problem went away with an upgrade to SunOS 4.1.1

3. You can adb the kernel (vmunix) and zap the variable "nfsreadmap"
   to zero. This is supposed to disable the nfsd features which
   exercise this bug.

   We tryed this too, and have not experienced the nfsd's hanging
   since. There are probably bad side effects to this "fix" but
   we will be moving to SunOS 4.1.1 soon (I hope) and perhaps this
   is OK in the meantime.


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