SUMMARY: disk error on Sun-4/490

Date: Wed Mar 13 1991 - 09:04:21 CST

My original message was:
> The following message was logged to the /var/adm/messages file:
> Mar 7 14:41:54 quad490: vmunix: id000g block 39664 (1219234 abs):
> write: Conditional success. Data Retry Performed.
> Any idea what caused this? What exactly is this message telling me?
> What can I do to fix whatever it is that happened?

In the SunOS 4.1.1 Release Manual on p. 104 it mentions "Error Messages
During Heavy Disk Activity (1036367) [4.1]" and goes on to describe the
exact error message I was receiving - thanks to Sue Bergquist for pointing
this out. Even though this is listed in the "4.1.1" release manual the
documentation indicates that this is an error in "4.1" also. I am running
4.1 on my Sun-4/490. The manual says these messages are related to heavy
disk activity and can be disregarded (sure!!). For now I'm going to let
it slide but if it keeps happening I'll have to do some disk-fixing.

Thanks to the following people for responding: (Claude Scarpelli) (Seth Bradley)
Michael S. Maiten <>
Sue Bergquist <> (Tilman Sporkert x2049)

Debbie Eckel
Naval Surface Warfare Center

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