Summary: running out of inodes on a new disk partition!?!

Date: Mon Mar 11 1991 - 09:50:21 CST

I originally wrote:
> In the process of upgrading the os (to 4.1.1) on a 4/60, I newfs the
> internal maxtor (third party - not sun) 200-lxt disk which had been
> merrily working with the old os (4.0.3).
> When I went to do a restore I immediately ran out of inodes! Seemded
> kind of strange to me, so I did some things, looked around a bit,
> re-formatted the disk, newfs'd it a few more times and I cannot make
> any file on the the newly newfs'd partition! Nor on any other
> partition of the disk. The system under which the format, newfs, etc
> is 4.1.1 . Help!!

As I noticed an hour or so later, Everything about the diskless slot I
had booted under was 4.1.1 except the kernel which was a 4.0.3 kernel.

One person also came up with that diagnosis.

Thanks also to:

Sid Shapiro -- ASK Computer Systems, Inc. Ingres Division                              (415)748-3470

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