SUMMARY: rcp-ing to /dev/audio crash and Floppy om SLC

Date: Tue Mar 12 1991 - 05:04:07 CST

Hi again Sun MGR's,
This is a brief summary about the rcp to a remote device causing the remote
system crashing and about the SLC and hooking up a floppy drive.
First , the most important issue: the crashing system caused by rcp-ing
an audio file to a remote Sparc.
Several "Hey , this happens to me too" replies , sounds as a kind of security
leak if someone does this to badge his collegue :-( ....
Others mentioned that rsh and dd buffers the data stream ond rcp does not.
I forgot to tell you about the SunOS version: It was the newest 4.1.1 version
in all cases. SDST60 kernels and no fancy stuff. In both cases however, there
was a PostScript laser attatched running transcript software.
At the moment we copied the audio file, there was nothing active on the lasers.
Jan mentioned:
>/dev/audio is a *device*, not an ordinary *file*. You try to copy a file on >t
   op of a device that the kernel may try to access.
>Doesn't sound too good to me.
Clyde mentioned:
>Since a lot of SunOS programs now use memory mapped file I/O, what
>probably happened was that the "cp" program at the recieving end of
>rcp opened /dev/audio and attempted to map the device into its
>address space with mmap and BOOM! I can't confirm this, but it seems
>a likely scenario.
>I guess that 'cat' works because neither the shell (doing
>the "> /dev/audio") nor dd attempts to use memory-mapped I/O.
Another Steve Mentioned:
> Rcp can handle device special files just fine. The problem here is a
>bug in either some of the STREAMS code or in the ftruncate system call; I
>ever got a chance to track that down further. The crash happens when rcp
>does a ftruncate on /dev/audio. (/Dev/audio is some sort of STREAMS-related
>file, as is /dev/nit, /dev/spx, and /dev/tcp.) I may even have sent a bug
>report to Sun about this; I don't remember offhand.
> I just rcped a file to /dev/ttyp0 just fine.
Kurt Mentioned:
>This is a bug in the kernel. The rcp "closes" the file with a call
>to ftruncate(), which the kernel then panic()'s on. You lose.
>I think it is fixed in 4.1.1 -- I know that it affect the machines under
>SunOS 4.0.3 and 4.1.
Unfortunately it is not fixed in 4.1.1 as it seems :-( chuck strickland Jan Clyde Hoover
pacacc! Steve Riley Another Steve
synergy! Kevin Sheehan
xphoton!midi! Kurt lidl ?
Now about the SLC Floppy drive:
Artecon does indeed sells a SCSI floppy Pizzabox with a 3 1/2" and a 5 1/4" FD.
included with ArtFD 1.2.2 driver software to access them as UNIX and DOS
floppies. Cost about US $1300,-
Steven Giuliano <> send me a summary I missed on SMGR's, Thanx
The Summary mentions several SCSI Floppy vendors and they are all pretty
expensive. ( > $900 )
Thanx all who replied to me
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