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From: Alexander S. Waterman (
Date: Sat Mar 09 1991 - 12:54:20 CST

My Question was:

>Has anyone ever heard of /usr/include/sbusdev/audioreg.h ? A SPARC
>sound system I got off the net includes this file, but it isn't
>available anywhere that I have looked... Thanks!

  I found out that this is NOT part of any current distribution of SUNOS,
it was available in 4.0.3C SS1, 4.0.3 4/490, a 4.3D Solbourne. I was
sent a copy of this .h file, and I thank both Tom Woehrle and Ed Morin
for this. If anyone out there would like a copy of this file (as a
few of expressed an interest) just email me...

Thanks to:

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