Re: Summary of "Utility needed"

Date: Thu Mar 07 1991 - 08:03:47 CST

     I am posting this to the entire list as an addendum to what Ittai
Hershman posted. I forgot to include the compress.mesg file in my
initial reply to him, and consequently it is not in his posting. Note
that the "FS", "BIG", "OLD", and "USER" strings get replaced with the
appropriate values from the compressfs script.

Daniel Trinkle
Dept. of Computer Sciences {backbone}!purdue!trinkle
Purdue University 317-494-7844
West Lafayette, IN 47907

     The file system FS is very full. Since users have not been very
responsive in cleaning up their own files (not necessarily you in
particular) we need to take some additional action.

     You have some large files (>BIG blocks) that have not been
modified or accessed in more than OLD days. As a result, we have
compressed these files. If you need the original state of the file
restored, use the uncompress(1) command. The uncompress command will
retain file modified time and file permissions.

     Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Files in FS/USER

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