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Date: Wed Mar 06 1991 - 11:11:21 CST

Hello all,

Most people told me to use the netlib e-mail server. Problem is
( so I am told ) that most the source is in fortran. I was hoping
for C. Well, beggars can't be choosers... Fortran it is...

Here is the "quick summary" section returned by e-mail to with a body of "send index".

Thanks to
Ian MacPhedran <>
Tim Evans <fallst!uunet!fallst!tkevans@woodb.uucp>
Andy Purshottam <>

-------quick summary of contents---------
a - approximation algorithms
alliant - set of programs collected from Alliant users
amos - special functions by D. Amos. = toms/644
apollo - set of programs collected from Apollo users
benchmark - various benchmark programs and a summary of timings
bib - bibliographies
bihar - Bjorstad's biharmonic solver
blas3 - matrix * matrix BLAS
bmp - Brent's multiple precision package
c - another "misc" library, for software written in C
cascade - analysis and design of linear control systems
cheney-kincaid - programs from the text Numerical Mathematics and Computing.
conformal - Schwarz-Christoffel codes by Trefethen; Bjorstad+Grosse
core - machine constants, vector and matrix * vector BLAS
c++ - code in the C++ language
dierckx - spline fitting
domino - communication and scheduling of multiple tasks; Univ. Maryland
eispack - matrix eigenvalues and vectors
elefunt - Cody and Waite's tests for elementary functions
errata - corrections to numerical books
f2c - Fortran to C converter
fishpack - separable elliptic PDEs; Swarztrauber and Sweet
fitpack - Cline's splines under tension
fftpack - Swarztrauber's Fourier transforms
fmm - software from the book by Forsythe, Malcolm, and Moler
fn - Fullerton's special functions
uncon/data - optimization test problems
gcv - Generalized Cross Validation
go - "golden oldies" gaussq, zeroin, lowess, ...
graphics - auto color, ray-tracing benchmark
harwell - MA28 sparse linear system
hompack - nonlinear equations by homotopy method
itpack - iterative linear system solution by Young and Kincaid
jakef - automatic differentiation of Fortran subroutines
lanczos - Cullum and Willoughby's Lanczos programs
laso - Scott's Lanczos program for eigenvalues of sparse matrices
linpack - gaussian elimination, QR, SVD by Dongarra, Bunch, Moler, Stewart
lp - linear programming
machines - short descriptions of various computers
matlab - software from the MATLAB user's group
microscope - Alfeld and Harris' system for discontinuity checking
minpack - nonlinear equations and least squares by More, Garbow, Hillstrom
misc - everything else
na-digest - archive of mailings to NA distribution list
napack - numerical algebra programs
news - Grosse's Netlib News column for na-net, SIAM News, SIGNUM Newsletter
ode - ordinary differential equations
odepack - ordinary differential equations from Hindmarsh
opt - optimization
paranoia - Kahan's floating point test
parmacs - parallel programmming macros
pascal - another "misc" library, for software written in Pascal
pchip - hermite cubics Fritsch+Carlson
picl - portable instrumented communication library for multiprocessors
pltmg - Bank's multigrid code; too large for ordinary mail
polyhedra - Hume's database of geometric solids
port - the public subset of PORT library
pppack - subroutines from de Boor's Practical Guide to Splines
quadpack - univariate quadrature by Piessens, de Donker, Kahaner
sched - environment for portable parallel algorithms in a Fortran setting.
slap - Seager + Greenbaum, iterative methods for symmetric and unsymmetric
slatec - machine constants and error handling package from the Slatec library
sparse - Kundert + Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, C sparse linear algebra
sparse-blas - BLAS by indirection
sparspak - George + Liu, sparse linear algebra core
specfun - transportable special functions
spin - simulation and validation of communication protocols, Gerard Holzmann
toeplitz - linear systems in Toeplitz or circulant form by Garbow
toms - Collected Algorithms of the ACM
typesetting - typesetting macros and preprocessors
vanhuffel - total least squares, partial SVD by Van Hufell
vfftpk - vectorized FFT; variant of fftpack
voronoi - Voronoi diagrams and Delaunay triangulations
y12m - sparse linear system (Aarhus)
-------- end of quick summary ---------

Peter J. Welcher <> also told me that ...
 NIST (former Bureau of Standards) has a tape with LINPACK, EISPACK and all
 that good stuff. Fortran source. It's called cmlib. I include the readme.
         N I S T C O R E M A T H L I B R A R Y ( C M L I B )
                    ( Version 3.0 --- April 1988 )
    A collection of non-proprietary, easily transportable Fortran
    subprogram packages solving a variety of mathematical and statistical
         Compiled by Ronald F. Boisvert
                       Sally E. Howe
                       David K. Kahaner
Thanks for the info Peter.

I would also like to thank Ron Hall.

Nicky Ayoub
Dept. of E.E Concordia University
Montreal QC. H3G 1M8 (514) 848-3107

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