SUMMARY: Brand New Internet Connection

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Sat Mar 02 1991 - 13:52:33 CST

Last week, I posted a message with several questions about the
establishment of a new internet connection. This is a summary
of the replied I received.

First, though, thanks to all those who responded: (Syd Weinstein) (Jim Ray)
sundev!fletch!kevin@Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
mdisea!edm@uunet.UU.NET (Ed Morin)
"David W. Minnich" <aplcen!!roanoke!dwm>
analogy!markh@uunet.UU.NET (Mark Holm) (Bob Cunningham) (Andrew Partan)
Jeff Nieusma <nieusma@cs.Colorado.EDU>

I asked about setting up a SLIP connection on a Sun3, running SunOS 4.0.1,
noting that I had no choice about the OS level. My specific questions
were: (1) Which SLIP to use; (2) Whether PPP was here yet for use in
my situation; (3) whether SunOS 4.0.1's DNS was okay to run; (4)
whether I should take uunet's offer to run a name server on my
behalf as part of the "Alternet" service uunet sells; and (5)
whether anyone had the dialupip package recently posted by BBN
running under SunOS 4.x.

To take questions (4) and (5) first, there was unaimous agreement
that I should take uunet's offer (for those, like me, who didn't
know, you're requred to have two separate nameservers in operation
to be a good Internet citizen). One of my own hosts would be my
"primary" server, while uunet would be my "secondary" server.

All who commented on Sun's nameserver software urged me to get and
install the current (release 4.8.3) version of BIND. (Getting it
properly installed on my somewhat antiquated OS is another

As far as SLIP is concerned, both slip-4.0.tar.Z and a beta version
4.1 was recommended (the latter apparently has a typo in it, as described

>The "slip-4.1.-beta" (from uunet) works well for me with our T2500s
>here, though it does have one typo in slip-attach.c . Here's a diff:
>% diff slip-attach.c*
>< if (ioctl(sfd, I_PUSH, "slipen") < 0) {
>> if (ioctl(sfd, I_PUSH, "slipe") < 0) {

Also, the 'cslipbeta.tar.Z' package was recommended, although I've
not successfully gotten it into my kernel yet. You do need the
slip-4.0 (or 4.1?) package first, though.

I asked about point-to-point protocol (PPP). People say good
things about it, but uunet doesn't support it (yet?), so it's
out for me for the time being. (I do note that a recent summary
of SLIP-like stuff posted to this list included a reference
to Brad Clement's porting of ppp to SunOS 4.0.1.)

With respect to dialup-ip, Jeff Nieusma <nieusma@cs.Colorado.EDU>
claims to have it running on SunOS 4.1. No help for me, but maybe
the rest of you...

I was also urged to get the 'gated' package to run on my Sun3
(which will be the router in this setup). The basic 'routed'
isn't good, I'm told, over point-to-point lines.

And, of course, people wondered why I haven't upgraded the OS
to a more modern version. All I can say is that I work for an
unnamed Federal Goverment agency which officially considers UNIX
a "non- standard" and I can hardly get money for floppy diskettes,
much less OS upgrades.

With the exception of the Clements ppp package (from omnigate., all the other packages mentioned here are available
on uunet.

Finally, I want to say thanks to several of the people who responded
to my original posting who've been willing to correspond further
with me on details. These include: Syd Weinstein, Jim Ray,
Andrew Partan, and Jeff Nieusma. If anyone wants a copy of
the verbatim replies to my original posting, please let me know.

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