SUMMARY: /etc/exports: access list too long

From: Martin Walter (
Date: Sun Mar 03 1991 - 13:21:56 CST

My question was:

> I am using a SS1+ with SunOS 4.1.1, DNS, modified dynamic
> library, no NIS.
> My problem is to export a filesystem to some other machine,
> so that the access list is longer than 256 characters.
> This happens soon because I have to use the the full qualified
> hostnames.
> If the access list is longer than 256 characters, all
> machines can mount the filesystem, even those, which
> are not in the access list!!!
> I can not use netgroups, because netgroups are only
> supported with NIS.
> Is there any solution to my problem?

The only possible solution came from

> What you can do is get ypfake from using anonymous ftp in
> the pub directory and create a new with these routines in place of
> suns NIS routines. You can also rename this shared library as and
> edit the rpc.mountd binary to use as the shared library.

After reading the README of ypfake, I think it is too much action
for me. I mean there should be a clean solution from Sun for
this problem. Obviously I am not alone with this problem. The most
mails were 'ME TOO' mails. Where is YOUR solution, Sun?

In any case, thanks very much for all answers,

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