summary of nfs mounting OW

Date: Thu Feb 28 1991 - 14:03:03 CST

This is the summary regarding nfs mounting /usr/openwin between two

All respondents said that it was perfectly OK to nfs mount /usr/openwin
between two machines of the same architecture. The share directory in
/usr/openwin is analogous to /usr/share -- this directory is not
architecture dependent and can be nfs mounted on all sun platforms.

Nearly all managers said they did nfs mount /usr/openwin across machines.

The only adverse affect would be when the /usr/openwin server is down. All
openwindow clients will be without windows until the server is back up.

BTW this is in the manuals according to Mark Morrissey:

> Please refer to the manual: OpenWindows Version 2 Installation and Start-up
> Guide", pp 7-9.

There were a lot of responses. It's nice to know sun-managers is available
when you need help.

Thank you.

I started to list all those individuals who responded to this request but
I don't have the time -- I have to leave in a couple of hours. :^).

                Mike Scott

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