SUMMARY: SS1+ failing to boot from CDROM

From: Nigel Sharp (
Date: Thu Feb 28 1991 - 22:34:58 CST

Many thanks for the replies: I won't list them, to keep this short.

Consensus: large SIMMs should go in the first bank (28M = 4x4 + 12x1)

Surprising finding: when I opened it up, the 4M were in bank 3, but bank 2
contained an amazing mismatch of odd 1M's (sometimes I wonder what goes on
when I'm not looking). When I removed the odd 1M's, it booted fine from CD.
I installed 4.1.1, replaced the assorted SIMMs and it's been happy since.

Misleading fact: the reference in the error to .../sun4/..., which made me
think at first I was booting a Sun4 not a Sun4c, even though the same boot
instruction had worked on an SS1 (16M) and on another SS1+ (also 16M).

[Jocular aside: our VAX 8600 used to boot with "Warning ! This machine
contains a memory configuration untested and unsupported by Digital!".
Now, *that*'s an *error message* !]

Thanks again for the very prompt replies: I got to leave work almost on time.

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